Black widows are well known due to their distinctive black bulbous shape and red or yellow hourglass-shaped markings on females, as well as the potentially deadly bite of the females. Males rarely bite and when they do, it lacks potency. Black widows are considered beneficial in that they reduce populations of nuisance pests. However, if they are found in or around the home, a licensed professional should be contacted for their removal.
Wolf spiders are a nocturnal, solitary spider that hunts their prey instead of catching them in webs. To do this, they use their speed and great sense of sight to get the upper hand on their prey. Wolf spiders are beneficial in helping to control populations of harmful and nuisance insects. They will bite if provoked, but venom typically only produces mild pain, swelling, and itching.

Wolf spiders survive by camouflage, so their color will resemble their preferred environment. They are a variety of browns, grays, and blacks. They are spherical in shape between ½ to 2 inches long with hairy bodies. Their eyes are arranged with four small eyes on the bottom, two large eyes in the middle, and two medium-sized eyes on the top. Female wolf spider will carry their egg sacks and young spiders with them.

Black widows like protected areas to spin their irregular webs. Locations such as stone or woodpiles, barns, sheds, shrubs, garages, basements, and crawlspaces. They usually do not enter homes but will do so if an area is cluttered and/or undisturbed. Look for the distinctive black body with red or yellow hourglass shape on the females.


Reducing the insects a spider preys on will help reduce populations. Reduce clutter and periodically clean basements and outbuildings. Store firewood away from buildings. Wear gloves and long sleeves and be careful when moving stored items around.

Occasionally property insurance will cover removing the bats, cleaning up the feces and any dead bats, as well as replacing any damaged insulation material. Insurance will not cover sealing up entry points.

Bats nesting in attic space
  • Bites

  • Contamination of Property

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