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Why Control Foxes?

Foxes are known for their cunning nature and adaptability, making them fascinating yet problematic when they invade residential areas. They can cause various issues, from structural damage to threats to your pets. It’s important to manage fox presence with professional fox removal to protect your property and maintain a balanced ecosystem.

1. Health and Safety Concerns

Foxes can be carriers of diseases and parasites, such as rabies, which pose serious health risks. Timely removal of foxes helps ensure the well-being of your family.

2. Preventing Property Damage

Foxes tend to dig and create burrows, which can lead to damage under porches, sheds, and foundations. Prompt action, such as fox den removal, helps avoid costly repairs and preserves your property’s structural integrity.

3. Protecting Pets and Livestock

Small pets and backyard chickens can fall prey to foxes. Removing these predators is crucial for the safety of your animals and peace of mind.


At Bobcat Wildlife & Pest Management, our expertise in fox pest control ensures your property remains secure and tranquil. Here’s how we handle fox intrusions:

  • Humane Fox Control Methods: Our team uses humane techniques to manage foxes, prioritizing both the animals’ well-being and our clients’ satisfaction. We ensure that our methods are both effective and ethical.

  • Thorough Site Inspections: We conduct detailed inspections to identify signs of fox activity, including burrows under structures and disturbances in your yard. Our experts leave no stone unturned to locate and assess the presence of foxes.

  • Preventative Measures: After addressing the immediate fox problem, we implement preventative strategies to secure your property against future invasions. This includes reinforcing potential entry points and advising on habitat modifications to deter foxes.

  • Eco-Friendly Techniques: We use environmentally responsible practices to ensure the safety of your family and minimize the impact on the local ecosystem. Our solutions are designed to be effective without harming the environment.

  • Tailored Fox Management Plans: Recognizing that each situation is different, we create individualized plans tailored to your specific requirements for fox removal and prevention. Our specialized solutions are designed to deliver the most effective and lasting outcomes.

Our Fox Removal Process

At Bobcat Wildlife & Pest Management, we tackle the specific issues foxes bring to your property with our comprehensive solutions. Our approach includes careful inspections, safe and humane removal techniques, and strategies to prevent future fox intrusions. Every phase is handled with meticulous attention to detail to ensure your home is secure and free from fox-related problems.

Dealing with More Than Just Foxes?

Encountering other unwanted visitors? Bobcat Wildlife & Pest Management is ready to handle any wildlife or pest issue you may face:

All-Inclusive Wildlife Management
Whether it’s raccoons rifling through your garbage or squirrels nesting in your attic, we handle all wildlife issues with expertise. Our humane relocation techniques ensure that animals are safely and responsibly moved away from your property.

Advanced Insect Control
Whether it’s a termite infestation or ants invading your kitchen, our specialized insect control solutions are designed to keep your home free from these pests. We implement targeted strategies to effectively eliminate and prevent insect issues.

Comprehensive Rodent Control
If mice or rats are invading your home, our efficient rodent control techniques will swiftly and thoroughly remove these pests, ensuring your living spaces remain rodent-free for the long term.


Bats nesting in attic space

Foxes are skilled at staying hidden, but there are clear signs that can reveal their presence. Recognizing these indicators is crucial for effective pest fox control. Keep an eye out for these signs:

1. Distinctive Behaviors

Spotting foxes wandering around your yard at dawn or dusk or hearing rustling noises at night are primary indicators of their presence and activity nearby.

2. Signs of Damage

Check for burrows under decks, sheds, or along foundations. Fox dens can have a skunk-like odor and may cause structural damage if left unattended.

3. Tracks and Droppings

Fox tracks typically show four toes on the front paws and five on the back. You might also find droppings near dens or feeding areas. These signs can help you pinpoint where foxes are active and their regular paths.


  • Odor

  • Visible Den

  • Danger For Small Pets and Chickens

Frequently Asked Questions

We stand out in fox pest control by employing humane and advanced techniques tailored to meet each client’s unique requirements, ensuring effective and ethical fox management.

We prioritize prompt service, typically performing initial evaluations within 1-2 business days, depending on the season and our current workload.

Our approach includes careful trapping and strategic exclusion techniques, designed to manage fox populations safely and sustainably.

Absolutely. Ensuring the safety of your family and pets is our top priority. Our eco-friendly fox control methods are designed to be safe and transparent, and we keep you informed every step of the way.

We offer expert guidance on maintaining your property, such as securing potential entry points, fox den removal, and eliminating food sources, to help ensure foxes do not return.

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