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Beavers, known for their industrious nature and engineering skills, can be a significant concern when they inhabit residential areas. Their activities, such as dam building and tree felling, can cause substantial problems for homeowners and the environment. Professional beaver removal is essential to protect your property and maintain ecological balance.

1. Preventing Flooding and Water Damage

Beaver dams can obstruct water flow, leading to flooding and waterlogging in your yard and surrounding areas. Effective beaver removal helps prevent potential water damage to your property and mitigates the risk of costly repairs.

2. Avoiding Structural Damage

Beavers chew through trees and vegetation, which can lead to the weakening of nearby structures, such as sheds, fences, and even the foundations of your home. Timely intervention is necessary to preserve the integrity of your property and prevent extensive damage.

3. Protecting Landscaping and Vegetation

Beavers’ natural behavior includes cutting down trees and shrubs, which can devastate your landscaping efforts. Removing these animals ensures that your garden and ornamental plants remain safe and thriving, maintaining the aesthetic and ecological value of your property.


At Bobcat Wildlife & Pest Management, we specialize in beaver pest control to protect your property and restore harmony to your environment. Here’s how we handle beaver intrusions:

  • Humane Beaver Control Methods: Our team employs humane techniques to manage beavers, ensuring the animals are treated ethically while effectively resolving your problem. We prioritize the well-being of the beavers alongside our clients’ satisfaction.

  • Comprehensive Site Inspections: We perform thorough inspections to detect signs of beaver activity, such as cut-down trees near water, slides leading from the water to felled trees, and dams across streams. Our experts meticulously search for these indicators to accurately assess the situation.

  • Effective Preventative Measures: Once the immediate beaver problem is resolved, we take steps to protect your property from future beaver activity. We recommend installing protective wire barriers around important trees, ensuring they are at least three feet high and maintain a one-foot clearance around the trunks to prevent beaver gnawing.

  • Eco-Friendly Techniques: We utilize environmentally responsible methods to ensure the safety of your family and minimize the impact on the local ecosystem. Our solutions are designed to be effective while preserving the natural balance of your surroundings.

  • Tailored Beaver Management Plans: Recognizing that each beaver situation is unique, we create individualized management plans to address your specific needs. Our tailored strategies ensure that the solutions we provide are both effective and long-lasting.


At Bobcat Wildlife & Pest Management, we address the unique challenges posed by beavers with a comprehensive plan that includes meticulous inspections, humane removal practices, and proactive preventive strategies. Each stage of our process is executed with precise attention to detail, guaranteeing that your home stays secure and undisturbed by beaver activity.

Dealing with More Than Just Beavers?

Encountering other unwelcome wildlife or pest issues? Bobcat Wildlife & Pest Management is equipped to handle a wide range of challenges:

All-Inclusive Wildlife Management
Whether it’s raccoons rummaging through your trash or squirrels setting up residence in your attic, our team has the expertise to manage all types of wildlife problems. We use humane relocation methods to ensure that animals are safely and responsibly moved away from your property.

Advanced Insect Control
From termite infestations to ants in your kitchen, our insect control solutions are tailored to eliminate and prevent these pests effectively. Our targeted strategies are designed to keep your home free from insect invasions.

Comprehensive Rodent Control
If your home is being invaded by mice or rats, our efficient rodent control techniques will swiftly and thoroughly remove these pests. We ensure your living spaces remain rodent-free, providing long-term peace of mind.


Beaver with chopped woods outside a lawn

Beavers are adept at staying concealed, but several telltale signs can indicate their presence. Recognizing these indicators is essential for effective beaver control. Keep an eye out for the following signs:

1. Distinctive Behaviors

Beavers are mostly nocturnal, so you might spot them at dawn or dusk. Look for beavers swimming in nearby water bodies or gnawing on trees near the water’s edge. These activities are clear indicators of beaver presence and activity.

2. Signs of Damage

Beavers are known for their dam-building and tree-felling habits. Check for freshly cut trees, often with pointed stumps, and dams across streams or culverts filled with branches. These structures can cause water flow disruptions and flooding if not addressed.

3. Tracks and Slides

Beaver tracks are unique, with webbed hind feet and smaller front feet. Additionally, you may notice slides—smooth paths leading from the water to areas with cut trees. These slides are created by beavers dragging branches and logs to their dams or lodges.


  • Damage of Property

  • Water Backup

  • Tree Damage

  • Man-Made Dam Failure

Frequently Asked Questions

We stand out in beaver pest control by employing humane and advanced techniques tailored to meet each client’s unique requirements, ensuring effective and ethical beaver management.

We prioritize prompt service, typically performing initial evaluations within 1-2 business days, depending on the season and our current workload.

Our approach includes humane trapping and strategic habitat modification techniques, designed to manage beaver populations safely and sustainably.

Absolutely. Ensuring the safety of your family and pets is our top priority. Our eco-friendly beaver control methods are designed to be safe and transparent, and we keep you informed every step of the way.

We offer expert guidance on maintaining your property, such as installing protective barriers around valuable trees, managing water flow to deter dam building, and removing food sources, to help ensure beavers do not return.

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